Newt Miami: Experiments in Light, Color & Sound is a public art installation in Downtown Miami transforming the 19-story LED wall of the InterContinental Hotel into a digital canvas for performative architecture. 

For six consecutive nights this fall, lookout points throughout Miami and the Beaches will give diverse communities access to a dynamic series of shapes and hues, screened on the InterContinental’s 364 sq. ft. facade.

Inspired by Isaac Newton’s theory that every primary color correlates to a musical note – NEWT is comprised of two key components: rapid motion animation and original music composition. 

By integrating mobile technology into this installation, viewers can then connect to a live stream of synchronized music via their smart phones and web-enabled devices.

See NEWT from many lookout points throughout the city, and tune-in to synchronized music from your web-device wherever you are. Located on beautiful Biscayne Bay, the InterContinental Miami building is visible from Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, and Children’s Museum, among many other places. Here are some of our favorites.

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NEWT would not be possible without the support of our 126 Kickstarter backers and all who posted, reposted and shared our project. And thank you, Primary Projects, for letting us have fun in your gallery with artist works by Gavin Perry and Michael Vasquez.